ADoST” literally means “A Friend” and it stands for “Adhesive Dosing System” 20th January 2023 was a milestone in our journey in providing comprehensive dispensing and dosing solutions to adhesive users through the formal launch of our “ADoST” brand of Pressure Pot Systems. “ADoST” dispensing systems are designed to appeal universally to every manufacturer who cares about waste generation and high adhesive application cost. “ADoST” is carefully designed to increase efficiency, reduce waste and enhance safety. Conceptualized after extensive end user collaboration, ADoST’s smart and ergonomical design stands out for maximum efficiency and comfort.

ADoST Pressure Pot Systems are currently available in two models

adhesive dispensing machine


A very practical and simple system to manually dispense anaerobic and UV adhesives.


A next generation dispensing system that digitally controls the amount of adhesive deposited on the application substrate.

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