What are Adhesive Accessories?

Accessories are the last mile components in the efficient and effective application of any adhesive and sealant. They optimize the adhesive consumption and also speed up production line while providing a clean and mess free workstation.

glue adhesive accessories

Luer Lock

Mixpac Luer Lock forms a sealed connection between static mixers and nozzles to achieve controlled flow of adhesive and sealants. With Mixpac Luer lock adapter, syringes and dosing needles can be easily attached to the t-tip static mixers. The Mixpac Luer Locks are available in three variants based on the Mixer ID and are differentiated with color codes.

Mixpac Luer Lock Adapter (White) fits all mixers with an inner diameter of 5mm

Mixpac Luer Lock Adapter (Grey) fits all mixers with an inner diameter of 6mm to 8mm

Mixpac Luer Lock Adapter (Black) fits all mixers with an diameter of 10mm

Luer Lock adhesive and glue accessories


Rechargeable Li-ion batteries in 10.8V and 18V power the battery-operated dispensers of both one component and two component dispensers. Choice of battery depends on the dispenser type and power needed to extrude the adhesive or sealant. While 10.8V battery produces roughly 2.5kN max thrust, 18V battery produces about 3.5kN of thrust at its peak.

Compatible Dispenser for 10.8V battery: Easipower Plus Cartridge and Easipower Plus Combi

Compatible Dispenser for 18V battery: Electraflow Plus Cartridge and Electraflow Plus Combi

Batteries adhesive glue accessories


Nozzles are consumables that are made of high-quality plastic and come in a wide variety of types and sizes to suit different packaging of adhesives and sealants such as silicone, polyurethane or polysulphide sealant. These products are used to make the entire process of sealant application easier, with a range of nozzle options to help you reach further and into awkward angles.

Some of the more common types are

Nozzles adhesive and glue

Round Bead Nozzle

These nozzles are the standard nozzles used for dispensing round beads. They have steps at the tip to create the desired bead size by cutting them to the right length. They are compatible with both 300ml cartridge to be fitted directly and 600ml sausage to be fitted along with a nozzle adapter.

Flat Bead Nozzle

These nozzles are used for dispensing flat beads to cover larger area at a time. They are compatible with both 300ml cartridge to be fitted directly and 600ml sausage to be fitted along with a nozzle adapter.

The Twisty Nozzle

The twisty nozzle attachments can be used in 360° to allow access to very difficult to reach areas for both interior and exterior applications. They are compatible with both 300ml cartridge to be fitted directly and 600ml sausage to be fitted along with a nozzle adapter.


Dispensing needle tips are used with syringe barrels, static mixers, dispense bottles, adapters and dispense valves. When used with luer lock attachment these dispensing tips can be used for precision application of adhesives and sealants and lubricants.

Dispensing tips or needles come in a wide variety. Some of the more common types are

dispensing needle

Conical Needles

For use with fast curing adhesives. They offer smooth flow of all types of adhesives and glues.

Metal Tips

They are made of passivated Stainless Steel and are ideal for handling medium to high viscous products in a variety of applications.

Metal angled tips

These are Stainless Steel tips that are available with 45° or 90° bends to be able to use In difficult to reach areas.

Flexible Tips

These are long and flexible Polypropylene tips for reaching into hard-to-access areas.


The medmix® (formerly Sulzer Mixpac®) Mixpac Shrouds are aluminum alloys in anodized finished for use with the medmix Mixpac equivalent static mixer nozzles. Safety shrouds should be used when dispensing two part adhesives through a static mixer from meter mix equipment. Meter mix equipment can create high pressure situations that can cause a static mixer to expand or even burst. Safety shrouds not only make dispensing with meter mix equipment safer, they ensure the mixer does not expand causing adhesive to go around the mixing elements instead of through them. This ensures optimal mixing and dispensing of your two part material.



Maniport are used to dispense low viscous potting compounds to multiple parts simultaneously. They help improve productivity and increase the life of static mixers thereby reducing the cost of application. Maniports are designed to be reusable and by using 1K2K’s simple and proven methods, they can be quickly cleaned and put to use again after blockage due to B stage curing of potting compounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

Adhesive dispensing accessories are additional components or tools used in precision dispensing of adhesives. Based on the particular end use, appropriate accessory may be necessary for ease of application, reduced wastage and improved aesthetics.

Some of the common accessories include luer lock, needle tips, Shrouds, Spatulas and nozzle among others.

All adhesive accessories are low cost units designed to be used only once. The effort and cost to reuse them far exceeds the savings accrued through reuse.

Adhesive spreaders are tools that help evenly distribute adhesive over a surface, ensuring a uniform bond. They are commonly used in laminating applications.