Battery Powered Dual Cartridge Dispenser

Our dual Component battery operated hand held PC Cox Electraflow dispenser is a versatile product used for adhesives packed in 400ml or 490ml dual cartridge in all mix ratios. Especially crucial for sealant and adhesive dispensing in building and road construction, Wind, Solar and other sectors where compressed air availability is difficult.

Battery Powered Dual Cartridge Dispenser

Wind Energy




Cox Electraflow Dual Ultra VBE 400 MR


Weight 2.5-5Kg
Maximum Thrust 5kN
Voltage 18V
Battery Capacity 2.0Ah 35 minutes , 4.0Ah 45 minutes
Charge time 35 minutes, 45 minutes

Cox Electraflow Dual Ultra VBE 400 MR is a high powered two component battery operated cartridge dispenser to apply 400ml cartridges in all mixing ratios like 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. This product comes with interchangeable cartridge straps and plungers and a rechargeable 18V lithium Bosch battery. Twin rack platform offers rigid frame with automatic rack retraction for drip free performance· Warranty up to 2 years for both battery and charger.