Cartridge Filling

Deriving on our years of accumulated experience in engineering adhesives, sealants and dispensing systems our Twin Cartridge and Single Cartridge filling factory officially begun production on 1st July 2023. This is India’s first ever contract filling factory for two-part adhesives such as epoxy, methacrylate, silicone and Polyurethane sealant and has been set with technical support from M/s. medmix, Industry a global leader in high precision delivery devices and fluid mixing.

With a capacity to process about 20000 cartridges every day our customers can be assured of not just high quality filling but timely deliveries too.

Twin Cartridge and Single Cartridge filling factory

Our Vision

Make it possible for our customers to enable new adhesive development through complete packaging support in single and dual cartridge system

Why choose 1K2K Filling

Engineering adhesives and sealants are high technology sensitive chemistries that demand careful handling, storage and processing. Every aspect of it must be handled with utmost care to enable a packaged product that meets the specifications declared on a product’s Technical Data Sheet. It is just not enough to be able to pack the product in a cartridge. A packaged cartridge completely free from cross contamination and air free filling are just the beginning of many stringent requirements of this business. Temperature controlled storage and processing, know-how in handling corrosive and heavily filled materials, batch control, traceability are among the host of other critical capabilities.

Our expertise in adhesives and sealants offer our customers not just a toll filling supplier but a technical partner that can assist them in every step of their product filling and packaging.

Cartridge Filling Facility

New product development

Every new product packaging and cartridge filling has its own unique needs. From mixing ratio to cartridge size and type, many aspects of the filling system needs major structural changes. A filled material needs different approach than a moisture sensitive sealant. Having our own design department is a big advantage because it enables quick turnaround whenever our customers want us to fill a new product.

India’s first contract filling factory for two part adhesives in cartridges

Our capabilities include cartridge packaging of Epoxy, MMA, Silicone, PU among many other different chemistries of adhesives and sealants under one roof.

With years of expertise in adhesive technology behind our team, we are not just a filling supplier but a packaging partner that can assist formulators in new adhesive developments at every stage.

Syringe filling for one component adhesives

Our capabilities in syringe filling includes 10cc, 30cc, 55cc and custom sizes of one component syringes for packaging UV adhesives.
Leveraging extensive expertise in adhesive technology, our team goes beyond being a mere filling supplier; we serve as your dedicated packaging partner, offering comprehensive support to formulators throughout every phase of new adhesive developments.

Cartridge filling of one component sealant

Our capabilities in cartridge filling includes 290ml, 300ml and 310ml one component moisture cure products such as Silicones, MS Polymers and Polyurethane Sealants. With years of expertise in adhesive technology, we are not just a filling supplier but a complete packaging partner that can assist formulators in new adhesive developments at every stage.