Mixpac Rotary Mixers

Mixpac MSR Series rotary mixers are designed to homogeneously mix the most difficult to blend resin and hardeners that have significantly varying viscosities or are difficult to mix due to their inherent chemical incompatibility.

The mixing element comes with a provision to attach itself to a motor that enables the rotation and achieves desired mixing by physically agitating the resin and hardener. Due to their unique design construction, dynamic mixers (or roto dynamic mixers as they are often called) are ideal for mixing extreme mixing ratio adhesives while offering high discharge of mixed system without change in pressure-time setting vis a vis a standard static mixers.

Mixpac Rotary Mixers

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Dynamic and Rotary Mixers

Dynamic and Rotary Mixers

MIXPAC MSR rotary mixers are specifically designed for use with dynamic meter mix and dispense equipment. Very effective for hard to mix low viscosity silicones, urethanes and epoxies for potting and resin casting applications. MSR roto dynamic Mixers are highly effective at mixing adhesive components with high viscosity difference. These are disposable mixers eliminating costly cleaning procedures and decreased equipment down time.

Intensified rotation mixing process allows for superior mixing quality with a reduced number of mixing elements. Mixpac MSR dynamic mixer length are up to 70% shorter versus standard static mixers that results in significant material waste reduction and an increase in process efficiency.

Article Description Elements Inner Ø(mm) Outlet Ø(mm) L (mm) Max Operating Pressure
102499 MSR 06-12T Rotary Mixer PP,elements POM green, stepped tip 12 6.4 1.8 111.5 30.0
102500 MSR 08-12T 12 8.0 2.4 130.5 27.0
102501 MSR 10-12T 12 10.0 3.0 155.0 22.0
102502 MSR 13-12T 12 13.0 4.0 197.0 17.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Rotary or Dynamic mixers are designed to be used on tough to mix Resin Hardener systems. Unlike their static counterparts (widely known as Static Mixers), they are physically rotated to achieve the optimum performance.

Rotary or Dynamic mixers are supplied with a provision to attach a motor’s shaft to itself. The rotational speed of rotary mixer depends on the motor speed which in turn is application specific. Often a stepper motor is used for this.

Rotary or Dynamic mixers

Mixpac MSR rotary mixers are ideal for applications requiring high speed potting and casting that demand high quality mixing at high flow rates. In addition dynamic (rotary) mixers are widely used to dispense two part adhesives and sealants that have very poor miscibility of Resin and Hardener.