Dual Cartridge contract filling

Pune city in India is the hub of high technology adhesive manufacturing and now it is the only city in India that provides Dual Cartridge contract filling and packaging services for two component adhesives and sealants.

We at 1K2K Dosing and Dispensing Private Limited are proud to unveil India’s first contract filling plant for dual cartridge filling that has the capability to fill water thin adhesives to highly thixotropic filled materials in different chemistries such as epoxies, methacrylate, thermally conductive adhesives, Silicones among others.

At 1K2K filling our goal is to make it possible for our customers to enable new adhesive development through complete packaging support in single and dual cartridge system. By offering one stop solution for filling, cartridges, dispensers and mixers we want to build a strong ecosystem for development of high-tech two-part adhesives in India.

Kudos to our design team that came up with a system that meets the highest quality requirements of critical filling while keeping things uncomplicated.

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