Disposable Plastic Static Mixers

A static mixer is precision engineering product used to combine two or more fluid materials of different viscosities into a homogenous mixture to achieve specific end use properties.

Mixpac plastic static mixers are designed to be used predominantly for mixing, dosing, dispensing and dispersion of two component adhesives and sealants that are packed in dual cartridge or machine pumped from bulk. They are called static mixers because of the absence of any moving parts.

Plastic static mixers offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for achieving precise and efficient mixing in a wide range of industries.

motionless mixer

Static mixers are employed across diverse industries, including chemical processing, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and food production. They are essential for achieving a homogenous mixture, enhancing product quality, and meeting specific end-use properties and requirements.

Types of Static Mixer

Static mixer

Static Mixers for Cartridge Dispensing

Cartridge Mixers are designed to be used with dual cartridge packaging of various sizes and it offers the easiest method of hand operated dispensing.

Helical Static Mixers

Helical Static Mixers

Mixpac Helical Static Mixers have their elements designed in helix to allow for easy flow and high-quality mixing.


Quadro Static Mixers

Mixpac Quadro Static Mixers have their elements designed in square format to allow high quality mixing with shorter element length.

Static Mixers for Machine Dispensing

Static Mixers for Machine Dispensing

Machine Mixers are designed to be used with bulk materials that are packed in 20Litre pail or above and are extruded using Pail pumps or meter mix machines.


Machine Mixer

Mixpac and Statomix Machine Mixers are designed to be used with meter mix machines to withstand high pressure and shear forces.

Rotary Mixers

Rotary Mixers

Mixpac Rotary mixers have rotating elements to allow for easy mixing of adhesive systems that are tough to otherwise mix.

A static mixer is made of two parts



Elements are at the core mixing process and due to their spiral design they combine and then divide the two individual input adhesives multiple times till the mixed material becomes perfectly homogenous. The number of elements to be chosen for a specific end use depends on a variety of factors such as individual viscosities of both input adhesive or sealant, flow rate requirement, density of products, process among a few others.

housing mixpac-static-mixer


Housing is the outer shell that securely houses the element and augments the strength of elements to withstand the shearing forces. Housing design is also important from the perspective of fitting the static mixer into the dispensing head.

Frequently Asked Questions

A static mixer is a device used to blend or mix two components of an adhesive into a homogenous mixture to achieve specific end use properties. The two components of the adhesive can have the same or different viscosities and the mixing ratio can vary greatly. The static mixer must be able to mix both the components homogeneously under these variables and offer continuous flow of mixed adhesive under high or low pressure.

Mixpac plastic static mixers come in a variety of types and sizes. Broadly, static mixers can be divided based on the design of mixing elements. Mixers that rely on helical shaped elements (Helical mixers) and those that rely on square shaped elements (Quadro mixers). Another critical aspect of static mixers is their connection type (Bayonet or Bell Mouth). Depending on the connection type a mixer can be used in twin cartridges (Bayonet) or on machines (Bell Mouth), although some deviations do exist among numerous end applications.

Helical static mixers use a helical structure or spiral elements inside the mixer housing. As the resin and hardener flows through the helical path, it creates a motion in such a manner that they merge and demerge into each other multiple times. Their simple yet effective design makes them a reliable choice for many applications.

Selecting the right static mixer involves considering factors such as the adhesive properties, flow rate, type of dispensing(Cartridge/Machine), viscosity among others. We suggest that the end users connect with experts at 1K2K Dosing and Dispensing Pvt. Ltd. to get quick and accurate product recommendations.